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Developer Notes:

Responsive Calculators - Embedded

  • Links that will bring up a responsive calc, either in-line in the current page, or in a pop-up window
  • Embedded, live calcs, stationary in page.

Page Labels, Breadcrumbs

  • We need to ensure users know what page they're on - page labels. Breadcrumbs?

Section Header Pages

  • If we have a section header in navigation, like Tools & Advice, when the user clicks on that section header link, he should be taken to a Tools & Advice page (summary?), not to the 1st page under Tools & Advice - the 1st page is now Mortgages.

Individual Calc Page Content

The standalone home loan calc is up at  The calc pages shouldn't (don't need to) repeat the contents of the cacl - title and calc description. What's the basic idea for calc page content?

  • Amit suggests a link - top, left, right - to a Camtasia-like video showing how to solve for 3 different scenarios.
  • Amit suggests top bullet items that show all the dropdown questions, if they exist in the calc (say, "use the dropdown selections..."
  • Amit suggest if a calc has no dropdowns, then list a 1/2 dozen bullet items with questions the calc can answer.



Developer Change Log (enter in LIFO order)

2015.5.27 - RIEGER

  • made the biweekly calc a LIVE calc (embeded element) on|/calc-mortgage-bi-weekly-payments
  • made the fixed vs. adjustable calc a LIVE calc (embedded element) on|/calc-mortgage
  • made the mortgage points calc a LIVE calc (embedded element) on|/calc-mortgage-pay-more-points
  • added images to|/design-people-budgeting and|/logos